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Concrete Composite System (CCS)


  • The Precast Composite Wall System is easily installed.

    The system is anchored to main structure.

    Reduces man-hours and construction time by at least 50%.

    Compressive strength ranges between 15 and 21 Mpa.

    STARTA CO. uses a customized full-automatic cellular light weight concrete mixing machine with a built-in pump.


- Energy Efficient, Thermal Transmittance (U Value): 0.438 W/m2.k.

- Compressive Strength range: 15 – 21 Mpa

- Density range: 1000 - 1300 kg/m3.

- Fire Resistance: A1 Class.

- EN ISO 7783-2 Water Vapor Permeability: Class 1 (sd < 5m).

- Water Impermeability: 4 – 6 days.

- Sound Absorption range: 50 - 55 STC.

STARTA LIGHT WEIGHT CONCRETE is modern technology of concrete, which includes an expanding agent in that increases the volume of mixture and lessens the dead weight.