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About us

The conventional construction in the current market relies heavily on resource infused methods. 

These methods are no longer feasible given the aggressive demand on construction coupled with competitive rates.

STARTA CO. has done immense research and has introduced lightweight cellular concrete to the market. 

STARTA LIGHT WEIGHT CONCRETE is a company specialized in concrete composites, that not only provides services for construction but dedicates time for research on several cementitious products including an expanding agents that increase the volume of the mixtures and decrease their weight. The resulting product is a lightweight and cost effective concrete mixture of high quality.

STARTA CO. has developed this technology and introduced it to the local market.
STARTA CO. applies this technology in different areas such as, but not limited to:

- Load bearing partition walls;
- Non-load bearing partition walls;
- Shutdown sewerage;
- Fill blocks and spaces around pipes;
- Roof insulation;
- Floor heating;
- Void filling.

STARTA LIGHT WEIGHT CONCRETE is modern technology of concrete, which includes an expanding agent in that increases the volume of mixture and lessens the dead weight.